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Industry Experts

Hopebridge leverages outside expertise to continually improve and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing the best therapies to our clients.

Industry Experts

We have partnered and actively research with several of the leading experts in the field of ABA therapy.

1f18c92Dr. Michael J. Cameron, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for The Cedar Group.

Dr. Cameron is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for The Cedar Group and is experienced in the area of behavioral intervention technologies, behavioral medicine, behavioral health assessment, knowledge management, organizational development, and higher education. Prior to founding The Cedar Group, Dr. Cameron was the Chief Executive and Scientific Officer for ObiGobi. He also served as the Chief Clinical Officer for Pacific Child and Family Associates, and was a tenured Associate Professor and the Founding Chair of the Department of Behavior Analysis at Simmons College. Dr. Cameron earned his master’s degree in applied behavior analysis and his Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Northeastern University.