Hopebridge ABA Team Structure | Hopebridge

ABA Team Concept

The Hopebridge Clinic ABA team is one of a kind.

At Hopebridge, we provide unparalleled support to our BCBAs to manage their caseload. Each BCBA leads a team that assists in providing consultation and parent training and that ensures client programming is current. They also provides additional training support to front-line therapists.

In-Clinic ABA Team Model

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

The BCBA is ultimately responsible for the patients under their care, including all assessments, behavior reduction and skill acquisition programming, analysis of data, and the integrity in which therapists are implementing the individualized plan. A Hopebridge BCBA provides weekly consultation (supervision) to therapists and patients, as well as parent trainings that are part of the Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) for all patients.

Hopebridge Exclusive

Support Staff

Additional roles within the ABA Team ensure all members have adequate supplies to conduct therapy, provide additional consultation and parent training, provide supplemental and ongoing education, and analyze data. Every team member has access to a wide range of subject matter expertise through the Hopebridge network to assist them with challenging cases.

ABA Therapists

Under the supervision of the lead BCBA and support staff, our front line or ABA therapists work 1:1 with our patients providing ABA therapy. Therapists go through a 4-week eclectic training program that encompasses digital learning, behavioral skills training, and gradual fading into a therapy session as the front-line or ABA therapist.


Our patients benefit greatly from the team of clinicians providing therapeutic and wrap-around support. Hopebridge’s emphasis on a supportive team structure allows for greater focus on our patients, ultimately leading to better progress and outcomes.

Are you interested in joining the Hopebridge ABA Team? Please check out the Hopebridge careers page for more details and open positions.