Daniel Sanders | Hopebridge

Daniel Sanders

Marketing Intern | Hopebridge

Take an inside look at Daniel Sanders’ experience as a Marketing Intern at our corporate office, where he networked with employees and gained professional marketing experience. As an intern, Daniel’s marketing efforts directly impacted the clinics and supported those children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Additionally, he worked with his team to successfully coordinate and implement Hopebridge’s marketing strategy.

Daniel Sanders

Marketing Intern, Hopebridge Corporate

What school do you attend? What do you study?

I am a student at Marian University. I am studying marketing, and I am also pursuing a concentration in entrepreneurship.

Why did you join Hopebridge?

I joined Hopebridge because of Hopebridge’s mission to provide children the best life possible, along with the opportunity to gain marketing experience at a professional organization.

What projects have you completed this summer?

This summer I have been able to complete a wide range of projects spanning from digital marketing projects to PR and communications projects. I have conducted market research, a patient demographic study, drafted press releases, and performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have also been given the freedom to create my own projects such as researching potential advertising locations and creating a social media marketing campaign.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy travelling, watching movies, and playing sports.

What is one highlight from your time at Hopebridge?

One highlight from my time at Hopebridge was my first day when I travelled to Hopebridge Kokomo. It was an amazing opportunity to see Hopebridge’s vision and mission in action, seeing our staff provide therapy to our patients. That day proved to me that Hopebridge is having an incredible impact on families.

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