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Hopebridge expanding pediatric therapy services for Autism into Kentucky

Indianapolis, IN. – June 12, 2017 – As the largest provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in the state of Indiana, Hopebridge is committed to helping children touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders or other developmental delays live the best life possible. With this commitment in mind, we are excited to announce that we are expanding into new areas, adding several new clinic locations throughout the state of Kentucky in 2017.

A new way to receive services: in-clinic therapy model
Hopebridge brings an innovative, in-clinic therapy model to a traditionally in-home service state. This allows us to offer a wider range of benefits than in-home therapy, like:

  • Interdisciplinary consulting and collaboration between therapists
  • State-of-the-art equipment in a facility designed specifically for pediatric therapy
  • Rooms designed to reduce distractions and enhance therapy sessions
  • Socialization with child’s peers to target specific social/pragmatic goals

Creating new jobs to serve more patients with autism and other developmental delays
Hopebridge continues to experience tremendous growth in 2017 with these additional clinics. Each location will open first with ABA Therapy and Occupational Therapy, and will offer Physical and Speech Therapies soon; ultimately staffing over 160 full and part-time team members and serving up to 400 new patients.

“We are proud to announce our plans to open several new clinics in Kentucky this year so that we may reach more patients and families who need our services. This is a serious step forward in Hopebridge’s dedication to serving children with special needs everywhere, and we are incredibly excited to continue building a team of talented therapists who will live our mission of helping our patients and families live the best live possible!” said Hopebridge CEO, Dennis May.

The first of the Hopebridge Kentucky clinics will open this summer in Louisville, Bowling Green, and Lexington. These clinics mark the first expansion of Hopebridge outside of Indiana. To learn more about careers opportunities with Hopebridge, visit http://www.hopebridge.com/careers.