Mallory Cheever | Hopebridge

Mallory Cheever

RBT/ABA Therapist | Hopebridge Jeffersonville

Mallory Cheever is an RBT/ABA Therapist at Hopebridge Jeffersonville. While building a bond with each child, she teaches gross motor skills, speaking skills, and skills needed for daily living. Mallory has flourished as an ABA Therapist working one-on-one with each child helping them achieve their treatment plan goals. Mallory and her clinical team support our mission to provide every child the best life possible.

Mallory Cheever

RBT/ABA Therapist, Hopebridge Jeffersonville

What brought you to Hopebridge?

I went to college at Ball State University, and I have a degree in psychology. When I moved back home, I started as a substitute teacher thinking that I wanted to teach, but decided that was not the field for me. I did not like the idea of being a teacher for 30 kids, it was not very personable. You don’t really get to spend that one-on-one time with each child. At Hopebridge, you have the opportunity to work with each child individually and it is a personable experience. You have time to learn how each child thinks and when I provide therapy to my child, I have the clinical support and guidance of a BCBA. When I need help there is always someone who can clarify my questions and assist me in choosing the right programs for my child.

What is the environment like at Hopebridge?

At Hopebridge, you do one-on-one activities with each child. I like that type of environment and that type of teaching because you get to build a special bond with your kid. You get to learn their idiosyncrasies, everything about them, and what makes them their own person. Since you learn so much about your child that translates over to being able to become a better therapist for them because you know how they work. You know which technique is going to work best with them and how to create the best learning experience for them.

What makes Hopebridge special?

The culture. I have never worked for a company that has such a good sense of family. I come to work every day excited to be here. I love working with my kids. I work with two fantastic children, but I also like the chemistry between staff members. Everyone is happy to see each other. You like being together, you like working together, it’s just a good cohesive group of people.


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