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Hopebridge - Marion South Clinic

ABA Therapy

Hopebridge uses Verbal Behavioral Therapy alongside ABA to impact language development and higher level communication skills for functioning. Additional components to the program will address developmental delays, behavioral issues and socialization. ABA principles can be applied to anyone capable of learning.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence in all facets of their lives. The word “occupation” means an activity that “occupies” our time. Children’s occupation is play, which provides the building blocks and foundation for learning. Hopebridge provides an environment rich in opportunities for this learning to take place.

Physical Therapy

With a fully-equipped gym, Hopebridge is able to provide the right environment to achieve goals related to the improvement of gross motor skills. Since children develop their motor skills through the process of play, we help create a physical therapy environment that develops strength, mobility, balance, coordination and endurance through play.

Speech Therapy

Some children only need help with language. Others have problems with the mechanics of speech. Hopebridge can assist with either disability. Our speech therapists will work to find engaging activities that strengthen areas of weakness, such as understanding receptive language, using expressive language, and developing articulation, pitch, fluency and volume.

Feeding Therapy

One in four children has some type of feeding disorder. Our therapists use a variety of effective techniques to help make the muscles of the mouth stronger, increase tongue movement, improve chewing, increase acceptance of different foods and liquids, and improve sucking and/or drinking ability.




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