Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance for Autism Therapy

Have you asked yourself, “How do I pay for ABA therapy?” Insurance coverage for services like diagnostic evaluations for autism, applied behavior analysis, occupational therapy and speech therapy is growing, and we’re here to help guide you through the process.

Check Your Eligibility

We Accept Most Insurance Plans

Hopebridge partners with a number of commercial insurance providers in each state we service. Though coverage varies by state, here is a sample of some participating payers that cover autism therapy at Hopebridge:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • UHC UnitedHealthcare

Don’t see your insurance provider listed? Don’t sweat. This is just a short list of our partners, so check your insurance coverage by state here.

We Have You Covered: Let Us Advocate for You

Our Care and Benefits Coordinators are here to help you get the benefits available through your plan. This experienced and dedicated team ensures care is facilitated with minimal headaches when dealing with insurance coverage for ABA therapy and autism services. From determining eligibility and out-of-pocket expenses, to obtaining authorizations and clinical rationale to appeal denied claims, they take on some of the legwork to lessen your burden and make sure your children get the care they need.

Learn more about your family’s options by calling our Care and Benefits Team at (855) 324-0885.

Commercial Insurance FAQs

How much does ABA therapy cost?
If you have health insurance, Hopebridge bills the insurance company on your behalf. From there, your child’s specific plan will determine any contracted discounts or out-of-pocket costs.

What do I have to pay out of pocket for services?
The out-of-pocket cost varies by plan. We first run a benefit check to determine what portion insurance will cover and what you will be responsible to pay, based on factors like the deductible, co-insurance and the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

What if my commercial insurance policy doesn’t cover ABA services?
The good news is, coverage for ABA is increasing, and if you do not have it, there are alternatives you can pursue. If you do not have primary insurance coverage for ABA, it may be possible to obtain coverage through a marketplace supplemental plan or Medicaid supplemental plan.

Are autism services covered through the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?
All of the states we serve offer insurance through their state marketplaces, which are commonly known as Obamacare. Hopebridge’s Care and Benefits Coordinators can help you determine the autism benefits available to you through your specific plan.

Do I make my copay daily at the center?
Hopebridge does not ask for copays on a daily basis, and rather provides an invoice at the end of each month.

How many service hours will we be approved for?
Coverage is based on medical necessity and ranges from 10 to 40 hours. Our team will submit your plan of care to the insurance company and they will review and let us know what is covered.