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You don’t have to wait until after you get your BCBA exam results – Hopebridge is now hiring future BCBA’s.


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The Hopebridge Mission

We are committed to providing personalized therapy for children and their families touched by behavioral, physical, social, communication and sensory challenges by building a bridge to help them lead their best lives.

Not Yet a BCBA? Not a Problem – Hopebridge has a Spot for You!

We know to study and to sit for your BCBA examination – while also trying to find a job – can be really stressful! That’s where we come in. Our special RBT Fellow Progam allows us to bring on new hires as they prepare and sit for their BCBA exam.

The RBT Fellow Progam at Hopebridge was developed in response to the growing need for behavior analyst practitioners and designed to get future BCBA’s on the job experience to advance their careers.

What is an RBT Fellow?

An RBT Fellow is a full-time position at Hopebridge for candidates who have completed at minimum 2 semesters of their master’s degree. They will gain experience by being partnered and supervised by a full-time Hopebridge BCBA, working in the center with a small caseload.

What Does Hopebridge Have to Offer?

  • Up to $10,000* sign-on bonus and relocations fees covered!
  • Growing Collaborative Team – work daily with a vast number of Hopebridge BCBAs on clinical strategy, supervision techniques, and ABA methodology
  • Center-Based Model – center managers, BCBAs, trainers and administrative support
  • Multidisciplinary Therapy Approach – Hopebridge360™ that combines the expertise of ABA, Occupational, Speech, and Feeding Therapies
  • Supportive Clinical Team Structure – Regional BCBA, BCBA, RBT Fellow, Trainer, and RBT
  • Access to Grand Rounds with distinguished external and internal experts
  • Behavior Analyst Fellowship Program – receive supervision towards BCBA certification through individual end group opportunities

*Sign-on bonus will differ depending on location.

Hopebridge BCBA Benefits

  • Competitive Salary
  • 401k with company match
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits
  • Flexible PTO
  • Growth and Career Path Opportunities
  • Professional Development including

Cultural Cornerstones

Be Awesome

Heroes are able to balance the needs of many, prioritize their efforts and do what is needed to be successful. We ask our team to be fully engaged in their work and 100 percent committed to delivering on promises and goals. Being awesome also means making the most of their time by also dedicating it to the success of colleagues, patients and partners who inspire and motivate every day.

Be Passionate

All heroes are passionate for their cause and are loyal to those around them. The heroes on our team are passionate and energetic. They show enthusiasm for their responsibilities to spark creative solutions. A hero stops at nothing to make progress toward the overall goal…and here, it shows.

Contribute to the Team

Great teams are made of heroes with varying backgrounds and strengths who appreciate diversity and welcome learning from others. Treating all with respect, compassion and dignity, we unite as a single force working together toward a common goal. We expect our heroes to trust in themselves, their patients and their peers.

Give Hope

All heroes are symbolic of something larger than themselves. Even in the most severe situations, we believe there is hope for a healthier, happier life, and our team has the confidence and tools to help our patients reach it. Our heroes serve as a symbol of a better life ahead for children living with ASD and other developmental delays.

Learn and Grow

It’s important our heroes remain students of our craft; keeping current on best practices and trends. Our team understands knowledge is power and growth is limitless.

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