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Building Teams to Help Kids with Autism Reach Goals

“At Hopebridge, it’s exciting to see how every child has his or her very own team. We’re all working together to share ideas and achieve the same goals. Because of this, we’re able to receive faster communication results.”
– Alex, Hopebridge BCBA

Hopebridge BCBA Alex is building teams to help kids with autism reach their goals

Alex Daniels has only been with Hopebridge for a short time, but she’s not new to the world of autism or Applied Behavior Analysis. She is so excited to see the Hopebridge 360 Care model expand in the Midwest this year.

Previously working as a behavior technician, every day offered new rewards. She got to be part of something huge, just by teaching and supporting as these individuals faced some of their toughest challenges.

Now, as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) at Hopebridge, Alex gets to see those rewards amplified. She values the center’s team culture. Seeing how compassionate, creative and involved everyone is – and how it impacts the kiddos – made the decision to join easy for her.

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We’re looking for passionate, talented BCBAs to join our Richmond, IN team. Come stand alongside us to simultaneously teach and continue learning for kids with autism.


Alex is confident the new Hopebridge autism treatment centers will help change the standard of care. Currently, many families have to go to two or three different places to make sure their children get what they need. To her, the fact that Hopebridge offers one-on-one ABA services, plus other occupational therapy and speech therapy in one place,* will be a dream for some of these families. With everything in one place, the hope is that parents will now be able to get their children (and themselves) on a more regular schedule by reducing travel time, miscommunication and inconsistencies between therapy programs.

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Alex Daniels - Hopebridge BCBA

Alex Daniels - Hopebridge BCBA