Center-Based Therapy

Center-based therapy for kids with autism

With the awareness of autism on the rise, thankfully so are the treatment options for children on the spectrum. So, why choose center-based therapy over in-home care or other possibilities?

Hear it from other families touched by autism.

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A Spectrum of Services Built for You

What sets us apart, even from other therapy centers? From testing for autism to building multi-layered therapy plans designed with each child in mind, Hopebridge offers the widest range of proven, effective services for children with ASD.

With diagnostic assessments and applied behavior analysis, plus occupational therapy, speech therapy and feeding therapy in many of our centers, there is no more need to drive from place to place to get all the services your child requires.

Effective Spaces

Within Hopebridge centers, our therapy teams have more control over the environment than they would in a home or smaller clinics. We can eliminate possible barriers to learning and can have a child come into a new setting where he or she is not conditioned to respond in a way they might at home. If we need our spaces to be very sanitized and controlled, that is possible, but we can also plan for more unstructured sessions for opportunities to work on new skills.

Even more important, each center is equipped with a variety of natural environments, such as:

  • Semi-private therapy rooms
  • Group therapy room set up like a mock classroom
  • Gross motor “gym” with swings, balls, scooters, basketball hoop and more
  • Functional play area with trains, car ramps, play kitchen and more
  • Circle time area
  • Craft space
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Designated space for occupational therapy

A Team of Hopebridge Heroes

If you ask Hopebridge families and team members, they will tell you one of the biggest benefits of in-center therapy is that it increases communication between therapists, ultimately minimizing the chance for disconnected goals.

But our heroes are more than their collaboration. They enable our autism therapy centers to be uniquely equipped for situations that may seem out-of-control for others. This is because every adult in the immediate Hopebridge environment is highly trained in handling a range of circumstances. While our therapists directly work on a one-to-one ratio, the help and support for learning becomes exponential by working as a team.

Transition Preparation

Center-based therapy gives Hopebridge the edge in school readiness. Unlike therapy held in the home, our centers offer the opportunity for peer interaction and helps establish new routines and explore new environments. Our facilities prepare kids for life outside the home and inside the classroom, with all the tools and equipment you might find in a school. Best of all, we have the time and resources to ease children into the transition, rather than forcing them to figure it out on their own on the first day.

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