Autism Therapy Insurance Support

Insurance Coverage for Autism Therapy

Insurance enables the care you need. Our Care and Benefits Team makes sure it doesn’t hold you back.

Let us lighten the load.

You have enough on your mind caring for the needs of your child. That is why Hopebridge has a full-service Care and Benefits department to partner with you through the financial process.

Each insurance plan is different and therapy coverage varies by plan. This dedicated team helps our families navigate care expenses – from obtaining authorizations to determining out-of-pocket costs.

Let us serve as your advocates. Learn your options by calling our Care and Benefits Team at (855) 324-0885.

Coverage Areas

What types of services are covered by insurance? It varies by state, policy and diagnosis, but here is a quick snapshot of the interventions that may be available to your child, all under one roof at Hopebridge.*

  • Diagnostic evaluations to test for autism
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy)
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Use of support tools and devices, such as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)

*Find a center near you to view the available services

What are my Finance Options?

Many families have coverage options available to them for Hopebridge services, which may include:

  • Commercial Health Insurance
    Hopebridge partners with a number of participating insurance payers. Plus, our Care and Benefits Coordinators help facilitate the autism treatment coverage available through your plan.
  • Medicaid
    Accessible care is part of our core vision, which is why we work with Medicaid partners in many states we serve. If a child qualifies for Medicaid, Hopebridge will bill for services on your behalf whether as a Primary or Secondary payer.

State-Specific Insurance Coverage for Autism Therapy

Learn about accepting insurance payers in your state.

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Where to Start

It all starts with a referral. You or your child’s physician can send referrals to us by phone, fax or via the contact form here on our site. Within 48 business hours, our Care and Benefits Coordinators will respond to record the patient’s health and insurance information.

During the intake process, one of our coordinators will verify your child’s insurance benefits and discuss them to ensure you understand the benefits covered. Once you are comfortable and confirm the next steps, our team works to obtain pre-authorization for the diagnostic and/or therapeutic evaluation.

Most diagnostic assessments for autism do not require insurance authorization. If a diagnosis is already in place for your child, we can arrange authorizations for ABA therapy, occupational and/or speech therapy. Once completed, we submit them to the physician and insurance to get authorization for the recommended amount of hours.

From there, onboarding managers can work with you to schedule a start date for services. Our team really makes it as simple as that!

Partner Providers

Hopebridge partners with a number of participating insurance payers. For a sample list of some of the major insurance partners that cover autism therapy at Hopebridge, visit our commercial insurance and Medicaid pages.

Continued Insurance Support

Our support doesn’t stop at the initial authorization. Our Care and Benefits team works to make sure our families have someone to lean on for insurance support throughout treatment. From making sure insurance companies have all the reasonable data from our clinicians, to involving your child’s physician to advocate on your behalf should a request get denied, our coordinators are here for you.

We don’t want insurance to be an added stress for you, so we are here to help you navigate your coverage from start to finish.