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Insurance Verification Support

Let Our Insurance and Benefits Team Help Your Child Start Therapy

Insurance enables the care you need. We make sure it doesn’t hold you back.

Let us lighten the load.

You have enough on your mind caring for the needs of your child. That is why Hopebridge has a full-service insurance department to guide you through the process.

Each insurance plan is different and therapy coverage varies by plan. By working with the most private insurance companies in each state we service, in addition to Medicaid,* our Care and Benefits Coordinators we remove the hassle for you. We cover the entire scope of care expenses – from obtaining authorizations to determining out-of-pocket expenses to troubleshooting coverage issues.

Let us serve as your advocates. Learn your options by calling our Care and Benefits Team at (855) 324-0885.

Coverage areas

What types of services are covered by insurance? It varies by state, policy and diagnosis, but here is a quick snapshot of the interventions that may be available to your child, all under one roof at Hopebridge.*

  • Evaluation for an autism diagnosis or developmental delays
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy)
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Use of support tools and devices, such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

*Find a center near you to view the available services

Where to start

It all starts with a referral. You or your child’s physician can send referrals to us by phone, fax or the “Get Started”¬†contact form here on our site. Within 48 business hours, our Care and Benefits Coordinators will respond to record the patient’s health and insurance information.

During the intake process, one of our coordinators will verify your child’s insurance benefits and discuss them to ensure you understand the benefits covered. Once you are comfortable and confirm the next steps, our team works to obtain pre-authorization for the diagnostic and/or therapeutic evaluation.

Once evaluations are completed, should you choose to continue with therapy with Hopebridge, our Care and Benefits team will handle any final authorization information needed. Then, onboarding managers can work with you to schedule a start date. Our team really makes it as simple as that!

Continued insurance support

Our support doesn’t stop at the initial authorization. Hopebridge’s extensive experience and center-based therapy options also give us the capability to tailor treatment plans to make sure they meet insurance guidelines throughout therapy. Our teams seamlessly partner with your child’s other providers, align therapies to the goals we set, and measure progress with the latest data technologies… all areas often required by insurance.

We don’t want insurance to be an added stress for you, so we are here to help you navigate your coverage from start to finish.

State-Level Insurance Limitations:

  • *At this time, Hopebridge services are not supported by Medicaid within the state of Minnesota. We do plan to add Medicaid in the near future.