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Autism Diagnosis

Parents are sometimes afraid of putting a “label” on their child, but early identification and intervention have a huge impact on children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays.

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What to do when you think your child show’s signs of autism:

When it comes to autism and behavioral delays, early identification is critical to intervening at an age early enough to impact growth and independence. In addition to autism therapy, Hopebridge offers insurance-recognized diagnostic evaluations to get your family the answers you need to set the stage for a lifetime.

If you’re concerned your child shows signs of autism, what are your next steps?

    • Observe and take note of developmental milestones or a lack thereof
    • Discuss any concerns with your pediatrician, such as delays, setbacks or behaviors that seem very different than of children of similar ages
    • Ask your child’s physician for a referral to receive a diagnostic evaluation with a clinical psychologist or developmental pediatrician.