Why Families Choose Hopebridge | Hopebridge

Here’s What Our Families Think

Families of patients made the following comments on the annual survey about how Hopebridge therapists and services are affecting and improving the life of their child:

“First and foremost, Zach likes it (Hopebridge), which is huge!!! I love the time and thought given to just him. I love that you (Hopebridge) went out and bought his favorite snacks. I love that he is getting out of the house and doesn’t argue about having to leave (that is HUGE). I love that you are working on his case. I love that you guys are willing to call other doctors to work on his issues. I love his therapist and the intern. I love that he stays without me having to be in the room with him. I love when I pick him up he has a smile that is beaming from ear to ear!!”

“The speech therapist is amazing. She connects well with my child. She knows how to motivate my child and he looks forward to seeing her.”

“Wow! Is the best word I have. My son went from not even trying or wanting to talk, to trying to say whatever he can. That’s a miracle!”

“I feel that my child is in the best care he could be in. You guys do an amazing job with him.”

“I would recommend Hopebridge to anyone. I have been extremely happy and impressed with your commitment to my son. Thank you!”

“Recently started ABA. Even in a short amount of time, changes are obvious. It’s so comforting to know this ABA staff is giving my son their full attention. They truly want my son to improve..…thanks for the devotion!”

“How much you care is evident when you walk in the door. Always clean and well maintained!”

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that our daughter trusts and looks forward to seeing.”

“His speech has been improving since he’s been attending there. He’s doing so much better than I ever thought he would.”

“People at the front desk are more than willing to help at all times.”