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From on-the-job training to career advancement opportunities, the Fellowship Program at Hopebridge offers students of behavior analytic programs an unforgettable, encouraging experience that sets them up for success in school, the BACB exam and their professions.

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Why BCBA Students Choose Hopebridge

Empowered. Motivated. Prepared. Supported. Enthusiastic. Clinical competency and excellence. These are just a handful of the sentiments provided by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) students who participate in Hopebridge’s Fellowship Program.

The program is set up for students to excel at work, in their studies as they attend graduate school, as they prepare for the BACB exam, and in the field of ABA. Hopebridge’s students tell us they feel they have an advantage over other students in their graduate programs because of this unique experience. Beyond all the perks of a paid, full-time RBT position – complete with benefits – while working in our centers, here are a few reasons why students choose to work at Hopebridge while studying to become a BCBA:

  • The range of opportunities to accrue structured supervision hours
  • The real-life training experience through hands-on support from BCBAs
  • A unique and meaningful curriculum and syllabus dedicated to building specific competencies, all in compliance with the BACB 5th Edition Task List
  • The program’s objective to increase the BCBA pass rate by providing leading preparation tools and study groups
  • Chances to transfer to one of Hopebridge’s many locations across the nation
  • Purposeful extracurricular opportunities that include journal club, guest speakers, case presentations, research participation and more

Get in the Door

Gain Supervision Hours … on the Job!

According to our Fellowship students, one of the biggest perks of Hopebridge’s fellowship Program is the structured supervision hours.

  • Time to obtain restricted hours
    Simultaneously obtain BCBA fieldwork requirements built right into your workday as a Registered Behavior Technician.
  • Opportunity to obtain unrestricted hours
    Students can work with Hopebridge to meet their requirements that fall outside of direct therapy, such as developing behavior intervention plans and conducting assessments.

A Nationwide Team of Support

At Hopebridge, there’s always someone to cheer you on or overcome an obstacle, as providing best-in-class, hands-on support is a key piece of the Fellowship Program. Rather than learning from solely one supervisor for the entirety of their fieldwork, Fellowship students are mentored by several in-center BCBAs, have a Fellowship committee cheering them on and providing feedback, as well as receive virtual support at the regional and corporate levels to ensure competency and diversity of experience. By working closely with supervisors who have a multi-dimensional range of passions and backgrounds, students receive a well-rounded, hands-on experience in behavior analysis. In addition to multiple mentors, Fellowship students the opportunity to build communities internal and external to the Hopebridge Fellowship Program, to contact behavior-analytically enriched learning environments.

Eligibility to Apply for Fellowship

  • Employed full time with Hopebridge for 90 days
  • Started a Verified Course Sequence Master’s degree or certificate program
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Active RBT credential with no restrictions/sanctions

Pass the BCBA Exam

Let’s face it. Taking any test can be nerve-wracking, especially when your future relies on it. As with every other step of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Hopebridge aims to relieve some of this pressure and increase confidence by incorporating some of the best BCBA exam study tools available.

Here’s the exciting news: It’s working! Hopebridge’s program graduates consistently pass at a higher rate than the BACB national average. In addition to providing access to practical and efficient study tools, we connect our students with each other to create effective and fun study groups.

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Enhance Your Career with a Dream Job

Part of our mission is to cultivate our Hopebridge Heroes right here at home in our centers. We love to see our students’ enthusiasm while working and studying at Hopebridge, and we’re equally eager for them to choose to stay with us long-term! As part of the Fellowship Program, we are ecstatic to guarantee a position to every Fellowship student who remains in good standing. We provide guidance and oversight through the credentialing and licensure process as you begin the next chapter as a newly minted BCBA.

Jobs with Hopebridge

Continue to Learn and Grow

The learning doesn’t end once you’re a BCBA. You will jump right into the Bridge Program where you will receive mentorship and training that sets you off for other career possibilities. Enabling our BCBAs to continue to grow into – and within – their roles is just as important to us as the development of our children.

Beyond the tracks for students at Hopebridge, we have several programs in place to provide our team members with the tools, access and experience they need to deepen their knowledge and take their careers to the next level. From a advancement through a clear BCBA Career Pathway, to company-sponsored CEUs to leadership exploration, we make it a point to provide endless opportunities for our clinicians to broaden their skills.

Find out more about the internal development opportunities available to all our employees:

What Happens Next

Beginning the Fellowship Experience

Not yet an RBT but still aspire to become a BCBA? Becoming an RBT is one of the initial steps on the BCBA journey and we can train you for both positions–while you’re getting paid on the job!

Hopebridge shares our position trajectory with employees to support their learning and growth opportunities. Upon meeting eligibility requirements, RBTs can apply to move through the Fellowship Program positions inclusive of Pre-Fellowship, Fieldwork Experiences 1 and 2, and finally, Case Manager, which is unique to Hopebridge. In the Case Manager role, students will spend half of their time serving as an RBT and the other half preparing to become a behavior analyst by gaining real life experience. This role involves shadowing BCBAs, oversight of behavior analytic services, participating in family guidance and conducting initial ABA evaluations, to name a few responsibilities.

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