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Nurture is in Our Nature

How does it sound to sit in the front row of some of the most pivotal moments in a person’s life? To receive the highest level of training and work alongside other experts in their fields for a unified mission?

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Is Nurture in Your Nature?

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An underlying culture of teamwork that sets Hopebridge apart

Are you committed to improving the lives of others? Are you innovative, optimistic and objective? We want to add you to our team.

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Hopebridge’s center-based, interdisciplinary approach makes it the best environment for growth, not only for our children, but for our professionals, too. You’ll work alongside the best and brightest, collaborating with top minds in behavioral health. By housing all resources within one building and everyone working towards the same goals, it’s a never-ending education where success is amplified.

Whether you’re seeking to serve as a behavior analyst, psychologist, speech pathologist, clinic manager, occupational therapist or work in another capacity out of the corporate office, at Hopebridge, you’ll create a lifetime of opportunity for others while also enhancing your own.

The Hopebridge Mission

At Hopebridge, we are a healthcare provider committed to providing personalized therapy for children and their families as they navigate behavioral, physical, social, communication and sensory differences, helping them live their best life possible.


We’ve been living out our mission for more than a decade, but where are we headed? We aim to serve communities around the world by continuing to provide a trusted place where even more children with special needs and their families can receive the care, support and hope they deserve to become their best selves.

Become a Hopebridge Hero


Join the team as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Behavior Technician

Becoming a Behavior Technician (BT)

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Additional Therapeutic Roles

Serve as a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist

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Licensed Psychologist

Full-time and contract positions in psychology and diagnostics

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Other Areas of Interest

Positions that go beyond the world of therapy

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Hopebridge is the place you can become someone’s hero. It’s where you will inspire smiles and life-changing experiences. You’ll thrive in our center-based model’s collaborative culture, surrounded by other experts working across disciplines to enhance treatment for kids as well as your own skillset.

You will have the backing of an unrivaled Clinical Leadership Team to offer ideas and coaching on challenging cases. You will also have the option of continuing to develop your skills – and your role – through the BCBA Career Pathways program. It’s an opportunity for thought leadership and professional development, working alongside other researchers and clinicians throughout the country to advance awareness, development and access to behavior analysis.

What’s a day in the life for a Hopebridge BCBA? Of course no one day is like another, which is part of the beauty of this profession, but here’s a snapshot of what you can expect: BCBAs create behavior plans, modify Individualized Treatment Plans (ITP) and analyze progress. With support from your team of RBTs, there is hands-on instruction, motivation, assistance and availability for peer play, all in an atmosphere designed to optimize ABA. Through fully equipped gross motor areas, indoor and outdoor play areas, bathrooms and kitchens, we are able to facilitate natural environment training (NET) all in one CARF-accredited center. You’ll have access to cutting-edge technology like electronic data collection systems, plus real-time dashboards for immediate feedback and tracking of key performance indicators. To help you remain patient-focused, we also have patient intake, billing and insurance teams to take care of the administrative paperwork.

Still not convinced? Extra Hopebridge perks include continuing education stipends and, best of all, daily high fives from our kids!

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We know we’re here at Hopebridge to make others’ lives better. What often surprises new team members is that the benefits are reciprocal. Our behavior therapists say the kids pass on their own lessons and alter lives too – teaching others patience, how to move past egos, and to be who they are with no apologies.

Does this sound like a career that is meant for you? As a behavior technician (BT) working in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with Hopebridge, you will serve as a critical member of a multidisciplinary team, sharing learning strategies and exchanging knowledge to build life skills for our children. It is an opportunity to provide one-on-one ABA therapy to children; responsible for implementing skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction plans. Understanding progress is key, so we offer leading technology to help compile all notes and analyze data.

Throughout these processes, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) provide support and direction for the children you work with (and for you!) to master new skills. Plus, our RBT Leveling Program is a way for our RBTs to continue to develop their competencies while receiving promotions and merit-based pay increases throughout their careers. Other perks include opportunities for research and continuing education, paid on-the-job training to become an RBT, mentorship from leaders on our Clinical Support Team, support from billing and insurance teams, and bright smiles on our kids’ faces!

View Additional Therapeutic Roles

This is your chance to create an exciting new life for these kids. By working in occupational therapy, speech therapy or physical therapy at Hopebridge, you will care for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays who need a little extra help in life.

This is a chance to take your practice into a CARF-accredited center, with access to one-on-one spaces, gross motor gyms, special play rooms, craft areas, kitchens and even more environments designed to strengthen your therapy. The center-based atmosphere is set up for a spectrum of needs, supplying you with the equipment, time and resources you need to enhance progress in communication, motor skills, sensory processing, feeding, self-care, social situations and more.

Besides being the reason for kids’ smiling faces each day, one of the key reasons to work for Hopebridge is the chance to work alongside other experts in complementing fields, thanks to the integrated 360 Care program. Additional perks include access to research and Clinical Support Teams, continuing education opportunities and a dedicated team to handle billing so you can spend more time with the kids who need it most.

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The need for autism testing for children has never been greater than it is now. Many providers’ wait times are too long and children deserve the opportunity to receive much-needed services faster. At Hopebridge, we are committed to helping the autism community by expanding access to these diagnostic services and shorten the timeframe for testing … this is where you come in!

We are seeking licensed psychologists or pediatricians interested in conducting evaluations to young children to determine whether they have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

What is it like to work with Hopebridge? It’s dedication to providing hope through the highest quality services for those most in need. It’s the chance to be part of continuing education programs, research studies and clinical support from other thought leaders across various industries. If that’s not enough, Hopebridge also offers flexible schedules and teams dedicated to scheduling and billing, so you can focus on what you do best.

It’s important to us that every child who walks through the Hopebridge doors receives the best chance at life and we hope you’ll share that experience with us.

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Hopebridge is the place professionals coming from a range of backgrounds and disciplines can make a positive impact on children and families, while also fulfilling their own dreams. From marketing and administration, to IT and billing, we have a range of roles to enhance your career.

If you work with us, you’ll not only make a difference in some of the lives who need it the most, you’ll have access to support from some of the brightest minds in our industry, continuing education opportunities and more.

Check out our open positions to see what opportunities match your skills and interests or drop us a line to let us know where you’re looking to make a difference.

Benefits of Working for Hopebridge +

Industry-leading compensation

In addition to base compensation, our extensive benefit packages include opportunities for 401K and we offer paid time off from day one.

Flexible health care options

Just like the services we provide, we know health insurance isn't one size fits all. You can choose from PPO and HSA medical plans for you and your family, plus dental and vision options.

Professional collaboration

Think of it as a collective - experts from various disciplines coming together for the same cause, as well as access to external providers and schools for even broader communication and learning.

Consistent caseload

Rapport has an impact on therapy, so we match you with patients for consistency. We also offer schedule flexibility with part-time options and can accommodate school schedules.

Ongoing development

Hopebridge is where kids come to learn, which happens when we stay on top of our game too. We encourage continued education and research to help you grow and strengthen our team.

Access to clinical support team

The Hopebridge team has access to our renowned Clinical Support Team to provide a lending hand, ideas, expertise and mentorship across a range of therapeutic areas.

Opportunity to Learn and Grow

Development doesn’t end with our kiddos. Enabling our Hopebridge Heroes to continue to learn and grow into their “capes” is just as important to us. Hopebridge has several programs in place to provide our team members with the tools, access and experience they need to deepen their knowledge and take their careers to the next level. From students to experienced clinicians to operational staff, we make it a point to provide endless opportunities for our employees to broaden their skills, enhance their education and become leaders in their fields.

Find out more about the internal development opportunities available to all of our employees:


Designated ACE Provider

Advancing top-quality therapy for our children stems from the constant rise of knowledge within our team. To support this everlasting growth, Hopebridge is a designated Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

As an ACE provider, Hopebridge team members have direct access to continuing education (CE) events and learning opportunities right from our centers. Our leaders share their expertise around best practices, methodology, science, theory and more to help our BCBAs and BCaBCAs stay up to date on the industry’s latest developments while also earning the credits they need to maintain their certifications.

Cultural Cornerstones

Be Awesome

Heroes are able to balance the needs of many, prioritize their efforts and do what is needed to be successful. We ask our team to be fully engaged in their work and 100 percent committed to delivering on promises and goals. Being awesome also means making the most of their time by also dedicating it to the success of colleagues, patients and partners who inspire and motivate every day.

Be Passionate

All heroes are passionate for their cause and are loyal to those around them. The heroes on our team are passionate and energetic. They show enthusiasm for their responsibilities to spark creative solutions. A hero stops at nothing to make progress toward the overall goal…and here, it shows.

Contribute to the Team

Great teams are made of heroes with varying backgrounds and strengths who appreciate diversity and welcome learning from others. Treating all with respect, compassion and dignity, we unite as a single force working together toward a common goal. We expect our heroes to trust in themselves, their patients and their peers.

Give Hope

All heroes are symbolic of something larger than themselves. Even in the most severe situations, we believe there is hope for a healthier, happier life, and our team has the confidence and tools to help our patients reach it. Our heroes serve as a symbol of a better life ahead for children living with ASD and other developmental delays.

Learn and Grow

It’s important our heroes remain students of our craft; keeping current on best practices and trends. Our team understands knowledge is power and growth is limitless.

Martin Myers - BCBA

Jamie Hill - BCBA

Stephanie Ramos - M.A., CCC-SLP

Leslie Hillis - Clinic Manager and Physical Therapist

Boyd Teusch - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

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