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At Hopebridge, the learning never stops.

From opportunities for students to meet their university and certification requirements to continuing education for more experienced clinicians, Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers aims to grow our team from within and provide our employees with the tools they need to deepen their knowledge every step of the way.

Topic Areas: Career Development, Structured Supervision Hours, CEUs, and Mentorship

HALO is offered to all employees of Hopebridge and provides two tracks for development based on profession, experience and skill level:

The Hopebridge Fieldwork Experience

For students looking to elevate their careers in ABA, speech, physical and occupational therapy

The Hopebridge Clinical Experience

For new and experienced clinicians seeking continuing education and advancement opportunities throughout their careers

The Hopebridge Fieldwork Experience

Fellowship Program at Hopebridge
Becoming a BCBA is not easy, but Hopebridge offers a helping hand (a group of hands, actually!) to help budding behavior analysts on this path. Our Behavior Analyst Fellowship (BAF) program provides opportunities to gain free restricted and unrestricted hours, plus free access to BACB exam study materials. Benefits for BAF students also include multi-level, multidimensional support from peers, multiple BCBAs and company leadership.

Clinical Fellow Opportunities
Hopebridge also offers fellow positions and clinical rotations for RBTs and aspiring speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists. Our in-center roles offer support for this transition between graduating from the university program and becoming an independent provider. These fieldwork opportunities provide direct and indirect observation from our knowledgeable, experienced mentors, in addition to an unmatched interdisciplinary autism therapy experience.

Structured Supervision Hours
Supervision hours can be difficult to come by at any level within a graduate program. Hopebridge makes it easier by offering structured, on-the-job, supervised training. This type of individual and group supervision always comes at no cost to our employees and does not require a contract tying employees to post-certification work—though we hope they enjoy it enough to choose to grow with us!

The Hopebridge Clinical Experience

Grand Rounds
Utilized as a way to collaborate, inspire progress and learn from challenging cases, Hopebridge hosts weekly Grand Rounds. During these virtual sessions, an interdisciplinary clinical review team of clinicians at all company levels across the country – in addition to external experts and consultants – are able to look at the bigger picture to treat the whole child, while extending their education in the process.

Hopebridge-Sponsored CEUs
We know how important – and expensive – it is for our team members to broaden their knowledge and stay up to date on the industry’s latest developments. To make continuing education more accessible, one of the big perks of working at Hopebridge is the annual stipend for CEUs. Plus, Hopebridge is  official Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider, enabling the therapy network to provide in-house learning opportunities for team members.

RBT Leveling
Want to level up within your own role? Hopebridge offers an RBT Leveling Program to help our direct therapists receive mentorship and expand their knowledge, experiences and opportunities to meet the criteria for career advancement within the centers.

BCBA Career Pathways
With a range of defined roles for behavior analysts, BCBAs have a clear pathway for career growth, with the resources to help them reach their goals. These roles provide BCBAs with opportunities for increased leadership and professional development, all while enhancing the quality of services we provide to our patients.


Topic Areas: Healthcare Management and Clinical Leadership Development

The LEAD Program is offered to all employees of Hopebridge to provide opportunities to:

Leadership Exploration
Every person embarks on their own personal leadership journey throughout the LEAD Program. By studying different leadership philosophies, approaches, and techniques Hopebridge creates an environment that welcomes you to question, learn, and grow – both personally and professionally. Engaging with a diverse cohort of others program participants allows time for self-reflection, group participation, and continued exploration.

Skill Development
Driven by the desire to help every program participant reach their full potential, multiple opportunities are provided for individual skills development. Utilizing best-selling authors, cutting-edge learning technologies, and industry experts, the LEAD program will increase skills for participants ranging from practical day-to-day use up through macro-level applications.

Innovation and Cultural Change
Hopebridge strives for continual improvement, which oftentimes requires ongoing innovation and cultural change. The LEAD program plays a vital role in the development of these strategies and the implementation of recommended measures. Utilizing our cultural cornerstones, such as Learn & Grow and Contribute to the Team, program participants are encouraged to assess and analyze the needs around them to develop creative solutions while seeking opportunities to make an impact and evolve the culture.

Mentoring Future Leaders
One of the most exciting aspects of the LEAD program is utilizing previous participants to mentor others. As one program cohort concludes, they use the skills they learned and the expertise they already have to coach, motivate, and support the next group of emerging leaders. LEAD participants foster the future of Hopebridge in many ways, from mentoring specific program participants to strengthening the leadership skills of all employees in their center or region by creating a momentum that reaches out to make lasting impacts on those around them.

Next Step Academy LogoThe Next Step Academy (NSA) is an initiative Hopebridge provides to our exemplary team members who are interested in clinic operations to strengthen the skill set of emerging leaders by guiding them toward a pathway of advancement. Nominated by regional leadership for their teamwork and passion for the Hopebridge mission, these Heroes work towards becoming center managers through a program that consists of 12 weeks of training, focusing on both soft and hard skills development.

Concentration topics include:

  • Leading and motivating others
  • Foundations of communication
  • Using feedback to drive employee performance
  • Engaging and retaining employees
  • Transitioning from individual contributor to manager

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