Catherine Meador | Hopebridge

Catherine Meador

Intern | Hopebridge

Take a look inside Catherine Meador’s experience as a billing Intern at our corporate office. Hopebridge offers internship opportunities like no other, and Catherine learned firsthand how to process payments and work in a professional office environment. She proved herself a valuable asset to our team as she dealt with the billing side of accounts receivable. Catherine boosted her professional resume working one-on-one with supervisors and as part of a team.

Catherine Meador

Billing Intern, Hopebridge Corporate

What school do you attend? What do you study?

I go to Indiana University. I am studying both human biology and neuroscience.

Why did you join Hopebridge?

I am pre-med, so I was looking for a little bit of experience on the more business side of what I am hoping to do, and this summer was the perfect opportunity to do that.

What projects have you completed this summer:

I’m in Accounts Receivable (AR) and most of the time my job is cash posting. When insurance payments or denials come back, I enter them in the computer system. There were also a couple of weeks where I helped send corrected claims for payments that had been denied.

What do you do for fun?

I am a dancer! I dance and compete in ballroom and Latin styles.

What is one highlight from your time at Hopebridge?

Just meeting people; I really like the people in my department. They have been super supportive and welcoming.

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