Anderson In-Home Autism Therapy

At Hopebridge, we’re here for you, but we’re there for you, too. Let our team come to you with a range of exceptional, interdisciplinary autism services designed to meet your child where they’re at—literally and developmentally.

Benefits of In-Home Autism Therapy

Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, Hopebridge clinicians consider a range of factors during the evaluation to determine the most effective plan and setting for each individual.

To increase access to care for more families like yours, Hopebridge offers in-home services as part of 360 Care. As with all of our programming, our therapy team will work with you to personalize goals that have a meaningful impact on your child and your family life, both in and around your home.

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Serving areas: Anderson, Muncie, Lapel, Frankton, Daleville, Pendleton, Middletown, Yorktown

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Bringing Support to You

For more than a decade, Hopebridge has been on a mission to expand access to high-quality autism care. The goal of our in-home therapy is to help families like yours receive ABA services as seamlessly as possible, while also ensuring clinical quality and compassionate care remain top priorities. As part of this, some of the areas served include:

  • Anderson, IN
  • Muncie, IN
  • Label, IN
  • Frankton, IN
  • Daleville, IN
  • Pendleton, IN
  • Middletown, IN
  • Yorktown, IN

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What is the difference between center-based therapy and home-based therapy?
There are benefits to both in-home and in-center services, and we can work with families to discuss which option is best for their child. Therapy in the center offers an interdisciplinary care team, socialization opportunities, school preparation and a range of fun yet functional environments, whereas therapy in the home can offer more insight into daily routines, a focus on behavior intensity and a familiar space for some children who have high difficulties with large settings.

What type of in-home services are offered?
Hopebridge currently offers in-home applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy) in the Anderson, IN area and other select locations. Home-based ABA is subject to availability and dependent on medical recommendation.

What are the hours for in-home services?
Hours are tailored based on medical recommendation. For children who are recommended to have a comprehensive full-day program, plans will consist of around 40 hours of therapy per week. For children recommended to have a focused, part-time program, plans will consist of around 20 hours of therapy per week.

Do I have to be present while Hopebridge conducts in-home therapy?
A parent or a guardian over the age of 18 must be present during therapy. A Hopebridge staff member cannot be in your home alone with your child.

Still have questions about Hopebridge, autism diagnosis, ABA therapy, insurance, or the ages we serve? Visit our general Hopebridge Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Center-Based Therapy in Your Area

Looking for something beyond in-home services? If you think center-based autism therapy might be a better fit for your child, contact us to discuss the opportunity for applied behavior analysis, (ABA), speech and occupational therapy at one of our full-service clinics.

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