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Through the coordinated effort of our team of diverse specialists, we improve the quality of life of every person touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays.

Hopebridge 360 Care is a one-of-kind comprehensive and coordinated treatment plan which provides a full range of professional services in one location for a child with autism, starting at 15 months of age. That means you can find the help you need without having to schedule multiple appointments in multiple locations.


1001 Ford Cir, Suite A, Milford, OH 45150

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Monday – Friday | 8:30am-6pm

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Now Offering In-Home Autism Therapy in Your Area

At Hopebridge, we’re here for you, but we’re there for you, too. Let our team come to you with a range of exceptional, interdisciplinary autism services designed to meet your kiddo where they’re at—literally and developmentally.

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Early Behavior and Communication Challenges to Look for in Babies and Toddlers

The sound of the first cry. The first time the eyes blink open. The first tooth that pokes through. There are many “firsts” parents look for, whether it be signs that the baby finally arrived, or developmental milestones as the kid grows. The firsts are exciting, but they aren’t everything. For a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or developmental disabilities, some of these firsts might be missed.

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Milford Parent Review

Don’t just take it from us! Read what a parent in your area has said about their experience with Hopebridge:

Hopebridge has been a God send for my children. I have 2 children that desperately needed routine but also depend on a environment they are comforted in. As a special needs mom I have 0 fear dropping them off daily. I know they are learning every day. They are thriving. They are showing huge progress. Their social skills are improving tremendously. I’m so thankful my children attend Hopebridge daily. My children love all of their therapists as do I.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Milford Hopebridge

  • Q: What areas does the Milford Hopebridge serve?
  • A: The center in Milford, OH serves the greater Cincinnati, OH area including Indian Hill, Miamiville, Mulberry, Day Heights, Summerside, and more in Clermont and Hamilton counties.
  • Q: What services does this Southern Ohio clinic provide?
  • A: Our Milford facility provides a combination of ABA, Occupational, Speech, and Feeding Therapy services for kids. Beyond the center, there are also Family Training and Education sessions offered to help support caregivers.
  • Q: What ages does the Milford Hopebridge serve?
  • A: Hopebridge focuses on early intervention therapy and early identification evaluations for kids under 10 struggling with developmental delays.
  • Q: Which insurance does Hopebridge accept to cover services?
  • A: We accept most private insurance plans, as well as Medicaid. After a Benefit Check, our Care and Benefits Coordinators explain your coverage options.

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