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Breaking Through Communication Barriers for Fishers Family Touched by Autism

When 4-year-old Isaac came to the Hopebridge center in Fishers, Indiana, he did not have a solid method to communicate…but wow, what an impact two months in ABA therapy can make!

Like many children with autism have experienced, Isaac’s lack of words resulted in other challenges as well. He struggled with following directions or rules and was known to take off running, which posed a major safety concern. Isaac also had trouble sharing interacting with peers without displaying some type of small aggression.

Isaac is making progress with therapy at Hopebridge in Fishers, IN

Once he joined the center, Hopebridge BCBA Meaghan Bramstedt and her team immediately enacted a plan of care that centered around increasing communication so this young boy would have a way to effectively share his wants and needs. To support these goals and give him a voice, the team introduced Isaac and his family to the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

What started as babbling without a ton of direction, Isaac now uses words like, “stop,” “go,” and a variety of other help-related terms. He follows simple directions. His toleration, engagement and ability to share with others has strengthened, though he continues to work toward them as targeted skills. His ability to say, “stop” has made a big difference during peer interactions, and he no longer feels the need to run out of the room from therapists and instead says, “go” when he has an urge to get moving.

As with most skills, his progress in communication and socialization began within therapy at the center, but the team is working with his family to transition them to home as well. His mother is already noticing a huge change, which is part of what keeps our Hopebridge team motivated on a daily basis.

Does your child need help finding his or her voice or building social skills? Reach out to us today and get ready to work with the Hopebridge heroes in our Fishers center who will provide your kiddo with the tools to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

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