Your child is the center of our circle of care

A multi-dimensional model to meet your needs

Children with special challenges require extraordinary care that often doesn’t fit into the framework that families, schools nor even many outpatient therapy options are accustomed to offering. There has been an extensive amount of progress in for the autism community, but there is still a need for stronger, more widespread services to meet the needs of this growing population. Hopebridge360™ is what sets us apart.

Custom-tailored for your family

The best results are achieved when all aspects of a child’s life are taken into consideration. We don’t view only one aspect of an individual. We look through multiple lenses with the intent of services transcending across all areas of life and development.

Our unique, integrative therapy model, Hopebridge360™, places the child and family at the center of the circle of care, combining methods and expertise of all of our disciplines. Not every child utilizes every therapy and each has his or her own set of goals. Instead, we work together to find the blend best suited for your family. We treat each child as a whole, not just a diagnosis.


Integrated Therapies Provide a Better Life

A multi-dimensional model to meet your needs

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A team of diverse specialists

Our program combines methods and expertise from a team of behavior analysts, occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists…all under one roof. The increased communication between our experts influences each therapy’s effectiveness and we are able to offer a wider range of benefits than other in-home or center-based programs. As a bonus: as a one-stop-shop, the Hopebridge360™ model also simplifies the system for parents.

A recipe of complementing therapies

Hopebridge360™ covers a full spectrum to provide the intensive care your child needs. At our centers, you can expect to see these coordinated therapies in action: