Download the 2022 Understanding Guide

Hopebridge Children's Guide to Understanding Their Peers with Autism

Download the 2022 Hopebridge Guide to Understanding Peers with Autism

How can we foster inclusivity and encourage children to build friendships of all kinds? Showing them and telling them about all the cool things they can learn and do with their new friends, of course!

To do this, we created an interactive “Children’s Guide to Understanding Peers with Autism,” all with the goal of letting kids know that “different” does not equal “less.”

The guide can be viewed digitally or printed as a hard copy. Within the guide, you will find:

  • Tips for Caregivers: Fostering Inclusivity in our Kids
  • My Brother or Sister is on the Spectrum: How to Communicate with Siblings About Autism
  • Children’s Books About Autism and Differing Abilities
  •  Kids’ Coloring Book About Autism: Friends Who are Different Are Cool
  • How to Get Involved in Autism Awareness, Acceptance and Advocacy Month

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