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Whether you are interested in autism therapy services or want to learn more about what our Nashville clinics can do for your child, we are just a click away. Contact the experts at the Donelson Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center to get started.

We provide services and environments individualized to each kiddo to build skills that transcend across all areas of development. It’s the Hopebridge 360 Care model that sets us apart.


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What is the Impact of Early Intervention on Children with Autism?

The moment we become parents, we have hundreds – if not thousands – of questions that pour in. From this video you can learn why talking to your pediatrician and scheduling a diagnostic assessment for your child (as young as 18 months!) could have a major impact on their life.

It’s best not to miss the opportunity to shape learning during the peak developmental stages, which could affect long-term outcomes.

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What is Autism and How Does ABA Therapy Work?

One in 36 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Most everyone is connected to someone with ASD. The diagnostic process can be trying for children and those close to them, but it’s the first step towards improvement. Learn more about autism and how ABA therapy can help.

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